eva EP

by The Enigmatic Foe

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All songs inspired by the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion


released May 31, 2012

Jared Colinger - vox, guitar, bass, keys, loops



all rights reserved


The Enigmatic Foe Knoxville, Tennessee

With sharp lyrics, the playful pop bite of the best of the 70s and 80s, and the kind of self-deprecation usually reserved for a Woody Allen movie, Jared Colinger's lyrics run the gamut from the joy of new love to disillusionment with the old, from wanting to like yourself to being afraid of what we have in our minds. ... more

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Track Name: Genesis
In the beginning there was the void
the void in my heart
and I tried to fill it with whatever fit
and it was good
In the beginning I was the dirt
then I was formed
If I had known what I'd become
I'd stay in the mud

but then I couldn't be with you
I just want to be with you until the end
until the end

In the beginning I was alone
and miserable until I saw you
after one taste I knew I was hooked

I just want to stay with you
I just want to stay with you
shut out the world and be with you
until the end
Track Name: The Suffering Art
there is an art to it
it's second nature
there is the part where
the pupil is the teacher
it's all I know, it sustains me
makes me stronger
it makes me see things
the suffering art

misery is good company
strange bedfellows
watch me wallow
it's a cycle, vicious I know
never ceasing
needs repeating
the suffering art

here's a lesson from the master
hearts are broken
so move forward
it will happen when you least expect it
no escaping
just embrace it
the suffering art
Track Name: Father
Father, tell me that I matter
tell me that I'm needed
that my efforts aren't wasted
Father, I need some approval
I crave your validation
it's a desperate plea
to get your attention

we were never friends
and you only viewed me
as a means to an end
I start to well up
thinking of the tender touch
that will never happen

Father, tell me that you want me
tell me that you'll hold me
that you'll be there to protect me
Father, daylight is dimming
this distance is killing
I'm so afraid I'll grow up
and be like you
Track Name: It's Over
Shinji had it right
I'd rather be anywhere but here tonight
the world is closing in
and I've been wondering
who turned off the light
it doesn't make any sense
replacing my confidence with
the cowardice I feel

it's over

one mistake can haunt you, will haunt you
no matter where you go your sins will find you
there's no one else around
you've burned your bridges
you're living with regret and the consequences
the world is over
watch it tumbling down, tumbling down

it's over

there was a ray of hope
and then you see her
there's so much left to say
and you want to ask her
ask her